Experience the Distribution Logistics Summit Reimagined as a Virtual Conference

As is the case around the world, Canada’s $80 billion distribution logistics industry has been severely tested because of the global COVID-19 pandemic crisis. It is the fastest-growing sector in the logistical supply chain. This is due, in part, to the immense demands generated from a largely quarantined populace for staple needs via e-commerce and the emerging growth of DTC (Direct-to-Consumer). 

DLS20 will respond to the pent-up need for education, knowledge-sharing, and effective solutions, products, and services that aim beyond what is happening now to where this industry is eventually headed in a post-pandemic world. This includes a strong interest in design, technology and other automated strategies can enhance the efficiency of the distribution logistics supply chain and the buildings that serve these needs.

The conference addresses a growing core need: distribution in the age of e-commerce (and pandemics/disruption). Put simply: people will continue to need delivery of their goods somehow, and e-comm/DTC-driven distribution – regardless of its origin – may soon lead the retail/wholesale sectors.